ABOUT US about us

WHO WE ARE who we are

The Dune Sea Garrison is the Arizona chapter of the international Star Wars costuming club known as the 501st Legion. With over 10,000 members worldwide, the 501st, while not sponsored by Lucasfilm LLC, is Lucasfilm’s preferred Imperial costuming group.

Members of the Dune Sea Garrison strive to create better than movie quality, screen accurate costumes of the “bad guys” from the Star Wars universe. From Stormtroopers to Boba Fett, from Jawas to Darth Vader we strive for quality and accuracy in every costume we create.

WHAT WE DO what we do

Members of the Dune Sea Garrison (and the 501st Legion) put their costumes to good use taking part in charity events like the MS Walk and numerous visits a year to children’s hospitals throughout the state. If you’d like us to take part in your charity or promotional event, please use our Event Request Form.

SQUADS squads

Squads are smaller units that operate within a Garrison, which are bound by geographical proximity among their members…

In July 2008, the Jundland Waste Squad was formed by members living in the lower third of the State of Arizona. The Squad is comprised of members showcasing characters such as Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Biker Scouts, Tusken Raiders, Clone troopers and more! Our Troopers stationed in this portion of the Dune Sea Garrison are ready, willing, and able to “troop” at your next event. To request an appearance for your next charity or promotional event from the Jundland Waste Squad, please use our Event Request Form.